Good Friday and Sin

My sin takes me farther than I intend to go.

My sin keeps me longer than I intend to stay.

My sin costs me more than I intend to have to pay. 

My sin took Jesus to the cross.

My sin held Jesus there until he said “It is finished!”

My sin cost Jesus his life.

Today, my Savior, I see the consequences of my sins. I mourn over the price you needed to pay for my them. Without that price I would still be dead in my sin and I praise you. And yet, I still see habits and choices that are both sinful in my life. I confess those sins to you and plead with you to forgive them. Please help me better appreciate what you did for me on Good Friday and respond with love to you and others. Thank you Jesus for all you did for me and all you continue to accomplish in my life. I love you. So shall it be.

Come back on Easter. The disgrace of Good Friday was transformed to glory. I will wait you.

A Good Friday plea for mercy

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