I Wonder What People Do Without God?

I come to another Good Friday. This one feels different. As I sit in my kitchen with my work computer and my personal laptop covering our table I wonder what is it going to take to end this situation in which we find our world. I read about flattening the curve, social distancing, safe at home and quarantines. I hear about masks, a shortage of tests, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper.

I receive endless messages about the ongoing cure research, the worldwide pandemic, and rising death totals. When I do need to go into the community for my job (I am considered an essential worker though I smile when I hear that) the streets are practically empty. And again I wonder when will this pass and what will it be like then.

I guess I am a pandemic watcher, which is something I have heard that should be avoided. I do understand the problems that arise when one subject so dominates my life. I lose sight of other important aspects in my life. Not that the present situation with the Coronavirus isn’t critical. At the present, it is life changing. But at the same time, life goes on despite the virus no matter how different things seem.

As I think about Good Friday and the present situation, because of the the Coronavirus, I remembered something my mom has repeated a fewmom times since this virus has reared its head. She is 94 years old, definitely in the high risk group, and is presently on a governor-proclaimed and family-enforced quarantine in her house. We do not allow her to go to the store and we discourage anyone from visiting her. I am guessing she has been almost all alone for a month.

And yet, when I have spoken to her on the phone, I have not heard her complaining. What I have heard more than a few times was, “I wonder what people do without God?”

Thinking about what my mom said this Good Friday morning, I wonder what it would be like if I heard daily updates on the number of people in this world who were spiritually sick because of the infection of sin. What if there was a growing tally of those who ended up dying and going to hell because of that sin?

What if I read of all the efforts made by people to treat that illness? What if I was one of those willing to share the cure that is already in place–the cure I remember on this Good Friday?  For at the appointed time, while we were still helpless, Christ died for the ungodly. It is rare indeed that someone will die for a righteous person. Perhaps someone might actually go so far as to die for a person who has been good to him. But God shows his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:6-8 (EHV)

I am a pandemic watcher. I find myself invested in keeping track of the happenings surrounding the Coronavirus. And for today that cannot be ignored.

How much more important are my efforts in combating the virus of sin. I cannot sit by and simply shake my head as I see the effects of this virus continue to grow. I need the cure that Jesus accomplished on Good Friday. People around me need that cure. Help me, Lord, to be willing to share the message of Good Friday with others.

I come to another Good Friday and this one does feel different. Life has changed, but what Jesus accomplished on that day will never be changed. He was the cure for the sin and death virus. Heaven is open for all who know him as that cure and their Savior. Thank you, Jesus.

A hymn of praise for what Christ had to do to save us. A hymn of praise that thanks him for his love.

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