God is So Good!

This past Sunday God decided it was time to take back one of the blessings he had given to our family. Trey, our older dog had served the purpose he was put here to perform and to be honest, he was just unable to go on.

I believe that blessings from God come wrapped in many different packages–a job, a new home, a found coupon, a new car, a friend or even in a pet. And that’s what Trey was to our family.

In his younger days he worked hard at making sure his “pack” was together no matter where we were. Trey’s wagging tail welcomed anyone who wanted to become part of the group. But he made sure he was always following behind just in case one his newfound pack members wanted to wander.

As he grew older, there was not one person who came into our home who was left out of Trey’s greetings. Our grandchildren quickly learned that they were welcome as he followed their every movement and stayed as close to them as possible. And while a couple of grandchildren initially seemed a little unsettled by his attention, eventually you could see them slowly petting Trey’s soft fur and scratching his belly.

Trey did not practice age discrimination. He did not want adults to feel second to the younger generation. As a whole, the adults did not show the same thrill at being assured that they too were part of his pack. However, Trey patiently waited and when one of the “older” group would give him a little pat on the head, a quick flick of his tongue would reassure them of their place.

Diane, my wife, was the recipient of many of these blessings. Trey was her dog. He was her shadow, following her wherever she went. Trey supervised all her work from doing the laundry and cleaning the various rooms of the house to weeding, lawn mowing and snow shoveling. When his legs would no longer carry him into the basement he would lay on the landing to make sure the clothes were being washed correctly. And each morning Trey was her faithful companion during Diane’s devotion time.

Trey read Diane so completely. When she was down he was there offering his head for her to cuddle. When she was upset, he watched for a chance to make her feel better with a little bump or a well aimed stare. And when she was happy, well, look at the picture, that was Trey’s smile. Need I say more?

And me? Well I was blessed with a picture of what it is to love someone without expecting anything in return. And while I think Trey did that for everyone, he especially showed that devotion to Diane. I have a way to go.

So, is this going too far? Well, it says in Psalm 9:1 I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart. I will tell about all your wonderful deeds. Of course, the most wonderful blessing was Jesus coming to pay for the world’s sins. But, by the time I post this, someone will have performed fantastically in the Olympics, someone may find a $100 bill, someone will get a raise and yet another person will purchase a new car. All of these too are wonderful blessings and something worthy to be shared.

Trey was such a blessing for our family, one that lasted for over 12 years. Truly GOD IS SO GOOD!

Thanks for reading about Trey. I hope you come back sometime. I will wait you.


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