Right Where He Wants Me

“If you’re in a place where your actions can’t change your situation, you’re probably right where God wants you.”

It has been a while since I first read this quote and yet it sticks with me. Maybe it is because it reminds me of the first of the Twelve Steps of Recovery where I admitted I was powerless over alcohol (or whatever) and my life was unmanageable.

Maybe it is because I kick myself as I continue to unsuccessfully try to fix things in my life that I cannot–and still think there is just one more thing I can try.

Or probably it is because I put myself on a path where I end up in horrible situations  because of my poor choices.

All the time, Jesus is right there, knocking at the door of my heart, waiting  for me. Much like the persistent salesman, he never gives up. Unlike the salesman, he does not offer some fantastic deal that he cannot guarantee. His message speaks only to what he has done.

I can imagine his calm voice, “John, I am right here. Remember that I came to earth to live ajesus _z perfect life and then die on the cross to pay the penalty for all of your sins.”

“But I am still here, John. You do not have to face this alone. Remember what I said in Hebrews ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’ Even though it may seem painful, you are in a good place with me. You believe I died for you and now, because of that faith, I am in your heart. Please do not shut me out, I will help you. Things are ok with me.”

It is at that time, much like with my alcoholism, I give up trying on my own and turn to him. And he relieves me of my burden. Maybe the issue with which I struggle does not immediately disappear. But now there is hope. I reached the limit of my power. Jesus has no limits. That gives me hope.

“If you’re in a place where your actions can’t change your situation, you’re probably right where God wants you.” God wants to be with me in all of my life. He loves me and cares for me. He alone has the power to handle whatever the problems. I believe that he sent Jesus to win heaven for me. With that faith, my heart is open to Jesus. Help me, God, to never shut the door of my heart to you.

Because of what Jesus did for you, is your door open?

I hope you come back. I will wait you.





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