Is It Time Yet?

Saturday–it all started with a phone call at 6:01am from my son. Our daughter-in-law’s water had broken and could they drop off the three grandkids on the way to the hospital. Of course. We had planned for this, expected the call, and wanted to help any way we could with the birth of our 13th grandchild.

About 20 minutes later another call from my son explaining he was concerned about the time to stop by our house. Sure, I would drive to the hospital and get the kids. Actually I beat him there. When they arrived I quickly loaded our grandkids into the van and drove off to let my son and his wife get down to business.

In the ten minutes it takes to get to our house from the hospital, I explained the meaning of the water breaking and the fact that no the baby was probably not born yet.

We arrived at home and I was making the kids chocolate chip waffles when the Question was asked for the first of many, many times; “Is it time yet?” I also heard that I should make small waffles so they would be finished before the baby was born. I assured them it would be a while.

Waffles were finished, and cartoons turned on the television and then, “Is it time yet?” “Nope. Have not heard from your father.” Since our son was playing Words with Friends with his mother, we figured it was pretty safe to go grocery shopping with the kids. Let’s see, about 12 aisles in the grocery store so–you guessed it–twelve of the Questions.

I think the grandkids were getting used to the response of “No, not yet” and they are pretty smart. Now came the question “How long do you think before the baby is born?” Grandma was getting pretty excited too, so in an attempt to distract them we first took them to a store so they could “buy” something for their new sibling. Questions continued.

Then it was to McDonalds WITH a Playland. I have to admit they did really well. The discussion was then about not being able to wait to get to the hospital to give the new baby the gifts. Only a few “How longs?” snuck out.

With no word from the hospital, we headed off to visit great-grandma and grandpa and then to our house to make cards and wrap the gifts. It was now 4:45 pm and with our phones muted and a promise to let the kids know if there was any word from their father, we went to church and Bible Class.

I was happy that the grandkids made it through the service and Bible Class by only quickly glancing each time the phone lit up. And still no word from our son, but he had stopped playing Words with Friends. (Yes the suspense was growing!) So, we went back to the house and decided we would give the grandkids an extra hour past their bedtime to wait.

Eventually my wife received a text from our son that she could come to the hospital and wait with his mother-in-law, but that it was too late for the kids. So, my wife sort of disappeared out the door while I did damage control. I explained to the grandkids that no one knew how long it would be yet, Grandma would let us know if something happened and gave them “illegal treats.” I thank the persons who invented peanut butter filled pretzels and juice boxes.

Then came bedtime with the promise that we would visit the baby in the morning and I would wake them as soon as I heard something. They each prayed the baby would be born soon and be ok. No tears, no whining, just ok we’ll wait.

As I shut the door to the bedroom I thought about how impressed I was by their insistence on wanting to know if it was time. I too was excited waiting for the birth of another grandchild. But what I realized was I am not impatient for the time of Jesus’ return and when I will spend eternity with him.

After all he did for me, leave heaven, suffer and die for my sins, all out of love for me a sinner, shouldn’t I look forward with all of my being to his return? Boy, I need to work on that. Lord, help me to look for your return and tell others about why I eagerly anticipate that time.

So, that is about all to this day. It started early and was pretty busy. And before I forget, Esther Elaine was born about 8:45 this evening. Yes, I told her siblings. No I have no idea of the vital statics of size and weight, then again I am a guy so that’s no surprise.

But whatever those numbers, Esther Elaine is perfect. After all she is my thirteenth grandchild. More important, she is a child of God.

Hope you come back sometime. I will wait you.

is it


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