Another Over Sixty Camping Vacation

So we are starting another of our camping excursions. No wireless here so I am posting on my phone which being my age means slow go of it – do not type with thumbs. 

But more challenging is dealing with the unknowns on this trip. For me rain and tent camping never go together; unless I can find an extra, extra large ziplock bag. 

For this trip there is a family reunion to begin our vacation. My wife and her sisters are hosting but I always wonder how will everything work out. Is there enough food? Are there places enough to sit? How bad will the mosquitos be? And of course the weather.

Following the reunion we will travel to, well we know the direction but not necessarily the destination. That is the way we camp now we have no kids around. It usually works well. But there are times when things just do not work out – so my need for controlling outcomes starts to grow.

Ah. I so get upset with myself when my drinking attitudes surface. Actually I am starting to accept that behaviors are just behaviors – drinking or not, my need for control, my selfishness, my anger and all the other negatives are always living in me. When l drank or get too tired or start to feel sorry for myself, an expressway opens for these negative behavior to surface.

Okay, that is not really anything new. Jesus said,”For out of the heart come …”and what follows is a list of all those negative, actually sinful behaviors, from which all of my troubles spring.  (Matthew 15:19) Just when I think I have moved beyond a character defect (sin) of some type, think I have it under control, I open my eyes and it is there blossoming like an unwanted dandelion. Frustration with a capital F!

So what can l do so I do not completely ruin this vacation for not only myself but also for all around me? First of all, remember who is in charge of every outcome. That would be God; the same God who sacrificed his son so this old guy with the sinful heart can go to heaven. 

He is the same God who promises,” For it is written: “ ‘He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully.” (Luke 4:10) So on one hand I have my heart with its worries, fears and other shortcomings. On the other hand there is a loving God who sacrificed his only son for me and further, promises to send his angels to carefully watch over me.

Do I have to worry about the details of the reunion? Will the rest of our vacation end up to be disaster if I do not spend hours planning two or three alternative activities  just in case we need them?  Will torrents of rain completely wash away a wonderful vacation?

Let’s see – Jesus and angels or a big ziplock bag? Looking at the picture I took just yesterday, God may be asking “John, how am I doing so far?”

Will let you know how this turns out.  Come on back. I will wait you.

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