My Very Own Top Ten Wonders

I did some research but could not locate the origin of the top ten list. Many point to the early top ten lists by David Letterman. However, not even he is said to have originated the practice of gathering various types of information, organizing that information, and then formulating a list in ascending order according to some preplanned method. I guess that will remain a mystery.

There is a lot in this world about which I wonder, speculate, or am even astonished. Some of these are inconsequential and are only part of my immediate life. Others are more far-reaching in importance and I cannot find any way to have any direct effect in change.

So here is my top ten list of things about which I wonder:

squri[1]10) I wonder, if this squirrel gets any sustenance from eating out of my bird feeder upside down.  I have now watched this for the past 7 years and can food travel up into your stomach?

9) I wonder, if I was as accurate as a meteorologist, would I be able to keep my job? Not to complain, but isn’t meteorology supposed to be a proven science?

8) I wonder, if there really is a 360 degree wind that suddenly appears whenever I try to use my snow blower. Or is it just a mini blizzard that follows me around?

7) I wonder, who decided that red means stop and green means go. And does that mean that Eve really did eat an apple despite the visual clue?

6) I wonder if it is true that a side effect of Botox is the inability to fully express emotions and also the inability to fully feel emotions – does that mean that Botox is a naturally occurring substance in males?

5) I wonder if awareness and methods of dealing with dependency of all types is advancing, and the human race is evolving to a higher state, then why is there a growing market for an ever-increasing number of new addiction causing drugs.

4) I wonder if my kids really do remember how they were affected by my alcoholism.

3) I wonder if I would have ever found recovery without the wife with whom God has blessed me.

2) I wonder, if the Real Time Death Statistics web site is accurate and at the time of the posting of this blog in the United States alone so far in 2016 there have been 6,542 deaths through the use of a gun, 19,244 deaths by drunk driving, and 621,589 murders by abortion; are we seeing the real problem.

1) I wonder if the end of the world came tonight, how many of the people I know would stand before God and not be able to answer the question “Why should I let you into heaven?” And if they do not know the answer why have I not shared it with them?

If you want to know the answer, John 3:16 is more than just a sign at a football game.

That is my list. Hope you learned something about me and will come back.

I will wait you.





3 comments on “My Very Own Top Ten Wonders

  1. A great list and some of the points are very funny. If you are aware of the natural world there are many wonders like the squirrel that can come to you. I am glad you are in recovery and enjoying camping over the age of 60. I had a fantastic prayer session with my local priest on Monday and am now back to praying every day. I don’t agree that abortion is murder, not that I have ever had an abortion or wanted one, but we will have to agree to disagree on that point.


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