So Where is Your Confluence?

The picture above shows a confluence of the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers. Simply put, a confluence is where two or more rivers, or other bodies of water, merge together. Looking closely at the picture, about the only way you could tell there was anything happening is by the difference in the color of the water; a sandy color giving way to the blue further out in the river. If you search the internet, there are some spectacular pictures of other confluences where you find extreme contrasts of color at the point where the rivers meet and then continue on their path together.

It’s that contrast in the color of the concurrently flowing rivers that drew my attention. I think those rivers agree with me about having issues with change. A dark brown river converges with a bright blue one and what do the pictures reveal? One side of the river channel is blue, the other side brown with a thin strip down the middle that includes some blending of the two. And yes, I know there is the temperature difference and so on that could explain or try to explain why the river now appears to be two colors. Deep in inside, though, I think when it comes to change, we all have our moments of confluence in which we find something new coming into our lives and no matter how open minded we are, we resist the change.

Maybe something is too different for us to buy into the change. We are not only satisfied with the way things are working in our lives; we are also comfortable. So we stay submerged in our normal way of doing things. Or, it could be we see the advantage of changing something in our life, but are uncertain if we want to take the risk. We dabble with the change but do not commit to it. We are like the brown and blue rivers that flow next to each other. We see the change over there; maybe we try it out a little but never quite get to the point of committing to the change.

So what if you are compelled by what your Savior has done for you to reach out to that person who treats you badly? You make efforts to ignore him because it is not worth the pain and embarrassment you experienced when you previously attempted to share your faith with him. However, you can feel the Savior nudging you to make a concentrated effort to get close enough so you can start the conversation about your faith.

Now is the time to ask for help from Jeus because he says he will always be there for us. Now is the time to wade into those different waters because we are told in Isaiah 43:2,  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. Now is the time to accept that this is your Savior’s mission for you and that he will bless the results as he sees the need. All you need to do is go with His flow.

Confluences – our lives are full of them. Some though have eternal significance. So what are you going to do?

Hope to see you come back. I will wait you.






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