Change is Not Optional


I have been around for a few years. Try as  might, I cannot stop change. I am not sure why I have so many issues with change especially since it is unavoidable. Somewhere in my brain there is the certainty that change will occur, but I am still looking for that one exception. If and when I find it, it will prove my belief that things do not have to change.

This is what this blog will explore; changes as I have experienced them. Some of the blogs will simply report on the changes. In others I will complain, mourn or attempt to dissect the changes I have experienced or observed in life around me. And where will I begin? In the next blog I will look at that brown, watery looking picture on the top of this page. It is a confluence – a place of constant change. Until then, when you cannot deal with change, turn it over to someone who can. Oh and that will also be a theme I will explore here. Hope you come back – I will wait you.

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