Thank You!

Today our nation remembers. Our thoughts are turned toward those who were willing to give up their lives for others. And whether or not I may agree with the wars in which they fought, the sacrifice they made cannot be denied. Someone who gives their life for another person will forever be remembered for a sacrifice that cannot be duplicated. So I say thank you from me, my family and the generations to come. We will never be able to pay back the debt we owe to you.

Thank you Jesus for these soldiers who were willing to make the sacrifice of their own lives. In some way, you used them in your kingdom and for my good. I also see it as a reminder of what you did for me and all people. You came to earth as a human to give up all you had so someday heaven will be open. With your death, you paid for the sins of all the world. You laid down your life out of love. Thank you Jesus. Amen

Thanks taking time to read this. Hope you come back sometime. I will wait you.

Please take time to remember those who died for your freedom. This gives you a start.

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