So What Does ILMYW7K Mean Anyway?

I like to think I drive attentively and am aware of whatever is going on around tme. And yet, when I came to a stoplight and the license plate ahead of me read “ILMYW7K”, I was a bit distracted. As the truck pulled away from me I even stayed behind it trying to decipher exactly what those letters meant.

I wonder what the message would be if I had a personalized (certainly not vanity!) plate on my car. I searched for some ideas and came across many. Some of them I skipped through very quickly because I do not know how they were not censored. Others would definitely get a second look if I saw them.


This one would be a possible choice if it were not already taken, after all, I am a guy.


Here is one that would never fit for me. Maybe “Always Early” just ask my wife.


I sure am lucky there is spill checking.

I like to grill a lot so here are three ideas.

SMOKIN – no, too many other meanings and I think people may take one look and think “Boy, he sure ain’t.”

I tried GRLNFUL but thought too many people would think I chase girls around all the time.

BBQKING sounded good until I Googled it and found out there are about 20 pages of restaurants with that name and I would not want to be seen as an advertisement. Or worse yet, that I was a blues fan and misspelled BB King.

A message on my plate has to share something important about me or my family. It needs to describe something that is current in my life. It cannot be offensive or even hint at something objectionable.

So, I decided to look for ideas with some plates that have more of a Christian theme to them. There is a couple I know with the plate “Go N Tell.” I came up with a few others that also impressed me.







I liked all of these as the message is pretty clear and state a truth that is important for all to see. Jesus saves is something that everyone needs to know. He is risen tells of his mission, to come and die for our sins, and the assurance of our resurrection because he rose. The message in the last one does a great job in telling others why I live a changed life, it is for Jesus and all he did for me. And now I need to go and tell others as Jesus said.

The only draw back is I doubt anyone will ever find these cars together at the same time so they can get the whole message about their need for a Savior. Besides, despite how good these messages may be, they are already taken.

Then what came to mind was 1 Peter 3:15, But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. I need to always be prepared to share the hope of heaven I have because I know that Jesus came to earth to die for all of my sins. OK I am ready–maybe sometimes feeling a little hesitant, but I still am ready.

Yes, I am ready–if someone asks. Messages on license plates, bumper stickers, T-shirts, and signs are all great ways of witnessing. The way I see it–and this is only for me–while it is witnessing, it is a little passive. And while Jesus does not specify a particular methodology, one of last things he said to his disciples before his ascension was Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15.

My ability to share the Gospel is rather limited if all I do is wait for someone to come up and ask about my license plate. Or ask why I do not become impatient with a person who has 20 items in a 15 item line. Or ask why I always play Christian music in my car. Or ask why we go to church each week. What if no one ever asks?

I have heard many times that the most effective witnessing is with someone with whom you have a relationship. And yet I wonder–if I saw someone backing their car towards a cliff, would I try to find our common interests before I warn them about the danger?

People who are facing eternity without Jesus are in an even greater danger. Often, the urgency escapes me since God continues to bless me with a time of grace here on earth, day after day, month after month and year after year. But sometime, a day will dawn and no one will be around to turn off the alarm. Believers and non believers will both need to answer the same question, “Do you believe my Son paid for all of your sins?”

I cannot be so content in my passive witnessing. Jesus gave me eternal life through his payment for all my sins. What better way to respond than to tell others about that gift? I cannot even wait until the perfect situation presents itself to tell someone about the Savior. It needs to be today.

Thanks for coming to visit. Hope you come back sometime. I will wait you.

Actually witnessing should not be so difficult. As the Bible tells us, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. All I need to do is share the Answer.



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