What Would I Ask …

The new year is about a week old and my annual questions are still there. Will 2018 be any different from 2017? Are there any significant changes coming in my family and other relationships? What will happen in the world that affect my life? Are there any health challenges coming in this year? Will I be happier, disappointed or challenged by what I find in 2018?

Another year also means I am a little closer to being with my Savior in heaven. I have always said that when I am really home, I will pull out my notebook of questions I want to ask of my God. I have been told my questions will either be all answered by the time I get to heaven, or not be all that important anymore. Since some of my questions have to do with unpleasant things, I believe that is true. In Revelation 21:4 I read He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain, because the former things have passed away. Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

But the questions are still there. Why did I become an alcoholic? Why did my family have to suffer because of my addictive and sinful behaviors? Why do those loved ones still feel the consequences of my continuing sinful choices? Why do I continue to find myself digging holes for myself?

There is also a positive section of questions in that notebook with which to bombard God. Why did you bless me with such a forgiving, supportive wife? How did my children and grandchildren ever turn out so faith-filled and talented with me as part of their heritage? Why are there so many blessings in other parts of my life, good friends; parents who are both around at 92 and still living in their own home; and so many “things” that I need to donate or my house would be too full?

The most important question I want to ask I know the how to the answer; but I do not completely understand the why. “What am I doing here in heaven?” I know will be in heaven because Jesus came to earth to die for the punishment of all my sins. For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16 (EHV).

That is the how of being saved and getting into heaven. Jesus paid for the sin with which I was born and those I continue to commit throughout my life. Now I am left with only the “Why?” Why did God choose me to be saved? I know all of my shortcomings and sins and ways of failing Him and others every day.

And if I would dare try to answer for God, based solely on what he gave me in his Bible, the answer would be one word–love. His love is not like mine that wavers on events around me. His love does not feel strained by my actions or those of others. God’s love is based on who he is and not one bit on who I am. 1 John 4:16 tells me “God is love.” I will be in heaven because he loves me.

A new year spurs many questions about what is coming. But rather than spending my time asking what will happen here on earth or collecting my wonderings to ask God when I get to heaven, I should rather be asking myself a question. How in 2018, or in how many other years with which God blesses me, how will I live out my thankfulness for the gift of salvation? How will I share that gift with others?

So now I will ask you–what do you want to ask God when you meet him in heaven?

Hope you come back again. I will wait you.

The following video tells of what I need to do to answer the question of how to better live out that love I have been shown by God. I have to change.




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