So Where is Hope?

I think most people consider the last few weeks as quite an upheaval. After all there was  Hurricane Harvey. hurricane-harvey-flooding-port-arthur-texas-homes-cars-neighborhood-associated-press-ap17244549174817






An earthquake in Mexico  mexico





More ethnic cleansing in Myanmar Myramar





irmaAnd of course who can forget Irma.





911Then we needed to bring back the visions of 9/11.

In the past couple of days there was a subway bombing in London and a Pakistani judge  sentenced a Christian to death for insulting Islam’s prophet.  Very close to home, the news is full of the trial of one of the Slender Man followers. These followers are two 12-year-old girls who stabbed a friend 19 times to please Slender Man, an internet boogeyman. As I write this I get a message on my phone that four Americans had acid thrown on them in a London train station.  And if I continued to search, I am sure I can find countless other reports about similar happenings in this world.

And I need to wonder, as advanced as we see ourselves in this world, as culturally conscious we think we have become, and as much as we think we are in control, where is hope? I am guessing that these types of things will still be occurring next week, next month, and next year–if God allows. And that is what gives me hope.

All the preparations we can make with specially designed buildings and emergency services and even our reaction or over-reaction with climate change are limited. All of those efforts are planned and carried out by humans. And as a human I know I can only plan. The results are in God’s hands.

OK. I know that and still I can react to these issues thinking I can fix them. Or need to worry about trying to prevent them. Which is not a bad thing unless I think I am in control. When that happens I can become desperate and make some wrong, even sinful choices to make things come out the way I want.

There is so much that I can be concerned about in this world. My wife, my kids, my grandchildren, retirement, my church, my job and even the cost of living. And yet “If God allows” still gives me hope. You see he is the God who sent Jesus to die for my sins, while the human race was still sinful. Romans 8:32 tells me He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Do I really have to worry? Am I still without hope?

I am sad for all of those who lost everything and needed to leave their homes to escape no matter what the disaster. I pray that they can put their lives back together again.

Of course, I live far away from the hurricanes and earthquakes. I am not facing having ruined or lost my possessions or home. Would it be so easy for me to still have hope if I lived in the path of the hurricanes or earthquakes?

I would hope so. I am sure I would feel the loss of those things with which God has blessed me. I am just as sure that I would feel the burden of a changed lifestyle. That would be only human. Maybe that is why God has not yet put me in a position to face those kind of losses.

My prayer is that the hope I have because of my Savior’s work will never be lessened because of anything that I will face in my life. I may believe I need money, possessions and even family. Yet, no one has ever lived here on earth without losing one or all of those.

The Red Cross and many others rescued countless people in these disasters and I am confident will continue to do so in the future. They deserve our thanks.

And yet above all of those wonderful resources is Jesus, the true Rescuer. His perfect life and death rescued everyone who ever lived or ever will live from the punishment of their sins. All people need to do is believe he is their Savior.

That’s more than hope–that is God’s promise.

Come back again to share the hope you have. I will wait you.

This is a video by a group I had never heard of until today. What I see is people rejoicing over the fact that Jesus is their Rescuer. It made me feel like rejoicing too.


One comment on “So Where is Hope?

  1. Deb and I were just talking about all this stuff going on.. I told her faith and praying is the best way to handle it all.. He will handle it!!


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