Move Closer to the Sun

Sometimes I do not pay close enough attention to those everyday occurrences that are there to teach me lessons. Maybe it is the routines happening around me that lull me into inattention. Or I am so concerned about my own life that I do not see what is out there for me to note and apply.

Again I turn to our dog, Driver, who you met before along with my questioning his intelligence. One behavior he displayed since he was a puppy was that of seeking out warmth. Once the temperature dips below 60 degrees or so, he starts to shiver. We noticed from early on that he would seek out the places where the sun was shining. That included the carpet, our bed, the kitchen floor and the back yard. If it was at all cool and we wanted to locate Driver, we just looked where the sun was shining and sure enough, there he was. In fact the picture below is proof enough for me that spring has finally come to our part of Wisconsin.


I am not certain why it took me four years to appreciate Driver’s sun seeking behavior and apply it to my life. The light finally came on today after speaking with a person who shared that she received some rather suggestive and rude messages. She was offended by the messages from a person who she barely knows. Her choice to respond was not to try to prove to the person was wrong about what he said. She is not going to spend time and emotional energy nursing along a resentment. She is refusing to spread rumors about this person to get some revenge. No, she is simply taking him off her message list and turning her attention towards friends. It is much warmer there.

There is the lesson for me. When there are people, places or things that just do not sit right with me, move towards that with which I am comfortable. In the United States the topic of politics is running wild. I was a person who listened to talk radio and found that I became emotionally upset, held and shared opinions about people that were dubious at the best and unkind at the worst, and was becoming suspicious of many things. So, I decided to only listen to music while driving. For me the choice was a Christian contemporary station and it is amazing the warmth that pushed out my growing cynicism.

Of course, there are many other sources of warmth. There is reading, art, nature, running, walking, writing, or numerous other activities that help focus on positive and productive pursuits. I know for me that takes some effort because I think there is a part of me that holds on to negative opinions. And to top that off, I still complain about how crabby I am.

I have sought warmth from a source that never runs out of fuel. Songs can become old, books are not always interesting and writing is sometimes oh so difficult and frustrating. One change though; I need to spell my source as Son. When I go to Jesus to find relief, a change of attitude or simply to rest from this life of mine, I am never left wanting.

When I seek warmth through the Bible,  I am told in Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. As I read further I learn that my path through this life will be like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18. Perfect? Not in this life, but usually I am not shivering.


I am learning that Driver is probably smarter than I thought. Or maybe it is as simple as taking the time to take notice of all the opportunities to learn from this wonderful world that God created.

Hope you come back. I will wait you.


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